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Photo: magicpbk

Antonio Djakovic

My name is Antonio Djakovic and I am a professional swimmer. Thanks to my parents, my passion for swimming was awakened at the age of 6. At that time I discovered my father's swimming medals in the basement, was immediately seized with ambition and decided to own as many medals as my father one day. 

In the early years of my sporting career, I played football as well as swimming. However, since I was more enthusiastic about swimming, I decided at the age of nine to put my full focus on swimming.  To date there are few things that feel as indescribable as being in the pool and feeling the water. 

Step by step and with a lot of diligence, my first successes came, which gave me additional motivation and spurred me on to train even harder. My goal was always clear; At some point I want to represent Switzerland in an Olympic final.

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