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Poolprofi new sponsor of Antonio Djakovic

Poolprofi AG, headquartered in Laufen, supports the twenty-year-old Antonio Djakovic on his way to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. A stroke of luck for Antonio. He can now share his passion with the pool specialist throughout Switzerland.

Antonio: "I am happy to have Poolprofi at my side and look forward to the long-term partnership. Together we can do a lot to get people into the water and motivate them to swim."

Rolf: "We from the Poolprofi-Team are delighted to be able to accompany Antonio on his journey in professional sports. His enjoyment of the water and his commitment to swimming coincide with our brand values, which we also want to convey to our customers every day."

Rolf Richterich, Managing Director Poolprofi AG

Phone 079 966 60 00


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